Incorrect Calendar = Worst Mom Ever!

Just when you think you have everything together, you realize you don’t. You check and double check and triple check your calendar to make sure everyone is in the right place at the right time. You refer to your calendar when you are inviting grandmas and grandpas to come watch your little all stars share their talent. You pull up the calendar when someone asks you to add one more thing. In an effort to make everyone happy you give out the smallest number of “no’s” possible even when it runs you ragged. But what happens when you put something in that calendar incorrectly? What happens when you have a troop of people coming at 4:20 to watch your son’s last hockey game of the year and you realize when heading to the locker room that his game was actually at 12:50? Tears. That’s what happens. Having teams named by color is clearly too much for this Momma and the realization of this came on one of the worst days ever. My boys play at different levels but there was a red team for each level. My oldest was a red and my youngest a white. Today we showed up at the arena and realized it was time for the red to play and unfortunately the white game was already over. I put the wrong teams game time in my calendar. It was the last game of the year. My little guy was excited to try to score one more goal and bet a record and his Momma put the red team time in her calendar instead of the white. Immediate tears streamed as he learned that his season was actually over and there was nothing to be excited about. I was near tears as I looked at my little guy and seen his disappointment. Seeing my kiddos disappointed is one of my very least favorite things as a parent. Knowing that you are the cause of that disappointment is the absolute worst!

These are my “take homes” from this little situation we had today:

1. I am thankful that no one in this world is perfect.

2. I have a great ability to solve a problem.

3. I am grateful to other coaches and parents who let my kiddo be a red team player tonight when they didn’t have to.

4. I am proud that my children can adapt to unfavorable situations and make the best out of it.

5. I am blessed that Jesus is a forgiver and that we talk about that in our household so Schroeders are forgivers too.

6. I have an overwhelmed schedule and an underwhelmed soul and that needs to be at the top of my to fix list.

This little guy showed me mercy today, he is a true Jesus follower:

2015-03-15 17.37.13


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