Green Eggs and Ham

This week in preschool our book was Green Eggs and Ham. This really is one of my favorite books to read with the students because it offers so many teaching opportunities (and because you get to watch 4-5 year olds try to get up the courage to eat green eggs)! We did some fun things this week and I wanted to share some of them with you:

1. Of course we watched the movie Green Eggs and Ham!

2. Each student got to crack their own egg into the mixing bowl. Kudos to the chefs, I didn’t hear one crunch as we were eating our eggs this year!

3. While someone was cooking the eggs we made “Yum, Yuk” faces so that we could vote on whether we liked Green Eggs and Ham. With a cut out circle the students drew one face on each side, one that looked like they enjoyed their food and one that didn’t.

4. We made a table on the board and voted for the things that we did or didn’t like. The students showed their Yum face for the foods they liked and Yuk for the foods they didn’t. We then made sure everyone voted by making sure that our Yum votes and our Yuk votes equaled 10.

5. During snack time we all tried Green Eggs and Ham! This also lead to a discussion about how food coloring only changes what the eggs look like but not what they taste like. I used frosting (something all preschoolers can relate to) to help me convey this message. We determined that blue frosting tastes the same as pink frosting and that eggs that are green taste the same as if they were yellow. All but one of my students loved their snack!

6. We did a listening activity while hearing a recording of the book. Each student had a green marker and every time they heard the phrase “Green Eggs and Ham” be read, they were to make a green yokes on their paper. Once the book was over they made circles around the yokes to make them look like eggs. Each student counted the number of eggs they had and we determined that the students with 11 eggs were the best listeners. This was a great project for following directions, listening, and also self control!

7. One of our other snacks for the week was a different version of green eggs and the students helped make this one as well. Following the directions on the back of a pudding box, we put 3 cups of cold milk into a jar, emptied the pudding mix, and closed the lid REALLY tight. Each student got to shake the jar for 10 seconds and then pass it on to the next person. At the end we voted on how many drops of food coloring to add and closed the jar for one last shake. Once our pudding had set we scooped it on a plate and put a vanilla wafer in the middle. Presto, we had a dessert version of Green Eggs and Ham!

We had a really fun week but I would have to say that my students loved helping make their snacks the best!


I’m a blogger!

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for years and now it has finally come to be! One of the tasks that has been keeping me from writing was not knowing what to write about so I decided to solve that problem by writing about everything! My blog will start out to be based on the adventures I have as a preschool teacher, home school mom, and college student and we will just see where it goes from there. I am excited to have this first post under my belt and I hope that this blog becomes something that others look to for resources, recommendations, and the occasional comic relief. Thank you for joining me on this journey.