Oreo Moons

I have found that the way to make my children jump up and down about school is food. Whenever I mention some kind of food being involved in our project their attention peaks and their focus is steady. I must admit, at this point in the school year I’m not above bribing them with Oreos!

After our lesson on the moon I decided to go a little bit deeper into the phases of the moon as this is definitely information that they can immediately apply to real life. I’m not sure if you’ve ever studied the moon phases or not but they can be confusing. Like the fact that when the moon looks like half in the sky it is actually called the quarter moon. Who made this stuff up? Anyway, we’ve been working on the names but it still takes a bit. To help the kiddos remember we made a diagram of the phases. Sun on one side of the paper, Earth in the middle, the phases of the moon all around.

We started out by drawing the sun and Earth and then moved into placing the Oreos. It’s actually quite the art to separate those cookies if you didn’t know already! We constantly had broken cookies that the kiddos were immediately disappointed to learn that they didn’t get to eat. There’s no suckering this Mom!

The moon has 8 phases and they look a little something like this:

2015-04-07 20.45.43

After Oreo placement and discussion came the favorite part. Once they drew the moon on their paper and named it they got to eat that cookie. (What was actually just half of a cookie).

We had a lot of fun with this little project and it was pretty easy (besides separating those cookies). I guess feeding my children is one of the best ways to get them to learn. I’m okay with that 🙂

2015-04-07 20.48.20


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