Homeschooling Checklists

How do I make sure that all three kids get their school work done when I am not at home with them every day? Well…I found a homeschooling checklist on Pinterest of course! I have to admit that homeschooling while working outside of the home three days a week has definitely brought its challenges. In the beginning I tried to keep it all in my head and mentally go through each subject with each child to ensure that everything was getting done. It didn’t take long for me to decide that was a bad idea! I then started asking my husband if everything was getting completed when I was at work. This was a bad idea too! He felt I was “checking up on him” constantly and rightfully so. (Mostly because I was)! I then had this great idea to search Pinterest. Why didn’t I think of this back in August? Seriously who starts a new “project” and doesn’t check Pinterest first? Hello!

It took a few different checklists and a couple of weeks to find “the one” but once we did it was life changing. Crazy to think that integrating¬†a single piece of paper into our day can be life changing but it truly was. I prepare the checklist for each child on Sunday nights and have it on the table and ready for them when they get home from Grandpa’s on Monday afternoon. The checklist is mostly customizable and even has a place for notes. I type a different note each week so that the kids are at least a little bit excited to look at their lists on Mondays and I can also leave little reminders. The kids check off the subjects as they do them and when I get home from work I know exactly what has been done and what we need to work on before dinner. Having the checklist has allowed me to skip the interrogation process and instead be very encouraging and positive about the work that they have done.

When the week is over I put the checklists into a 3-ring folder to save for my proof of homeschooling. It is nice to look back on the weeks and see the progress that we have been making. This strategy has been a great way to encourage my children to be accountable for their education. My oldest does most of his work independently and his checklist keeps him on track and allows him to start his work whenever he’s ready and without waiting for me. I’m so glad we found this tool and decided to give it a try! Thanks to for doing the legwork on this one!

2015-02-22 19.42.23


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