College, Preschool, & Homeschool…HOW?

I haven’t been feeling well the past couple of weeks which has lead to a bit of self-doubt about how I am supposed to be a college student, teach preschool, and homeschool my three children all at the same time. The phrase “what was I thinking” has echoed through my head at least a hundred times during this trial and yet everything is still ok. In fact, I feel like our homeschool life has somehow benefited from this situation. How could that be?!? I know, I’ve asked myself that question too! My answer is this: my children are learning about life right now. They are learning that things come up and your schedule gets thrown off sometimes, they are learning that self-motivation is a wonderful thing, they are learning that math can be taught at the gymnastics studio or the kitchen table, they are learning that quality time together is more important than the amount of dishes in the sink, they are learning that sometimes when you do a great job helping mom out she will bring you to DQ for a treat, they are learning that the library is a really cool place, they are learning that if your body says you need a nap then you should take one, they are learning that it’s not always about what’s on the table that matters but rather who’s around the table, they are learning that sometimes you need to do more than your share, they are learning that trials make you stronger, and they are learning that opportunities for learning are all around us not just in a classroom. We may have drifted from our standard curriculum for a while but the time has not been lost. Learning about life is important.


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